Nasty C Is Giving Away A Diamond Chain

Brandon Leo ft Nasty C – Stundee

The coolest kid in Africa just keeps stunting.

And to show how much he appreciates his fans, Nasty C has decided to shower one of his fans with jewlery.

Yep, the young rapper has just announced that he’s giving away a Ivyson diamond chain at the Durban Ivyson Tour.

Maybe for the Joburg tour he’ll give away a Rolex watch and some gold grillz. Who knows, keep your eyes opened.

The rapper has a new single titled Dance featuring his right-hand vocalist man – Tellaman and the first verse starts with Tellaman singing… ” You would swear Mandela was my dance teacher, the way I got money moves… but I aint gotta dance anymore ’cause my jewelery got hella moves…”

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